KirKus Reviews,

“. . .Inspired by a longtime family tradition, Franks offers a warmhearted tale for families that observe Christmas. The notes and little gifts, as well as the vision of elves throwing miniature snow balls and ice skating all night, are charming, as are Guillory’s expressive, lively illustrations. . .”

Former First Lady Barbara Bush,

“Dear PM Franks- Many Thanks for The Magic Gingerbread House. It makes us want to run down and start one of our own. I have enjoyed the book and will certainly share it with one of the great grands! Happy holidays and believe- Barbara Bush”

What Librarians are saying! 

“The students enjoyed her huge man-made, motion filled gingerbread house and hearing about her elf characters. Mrs. Franks brings life-size elf cut outs that match her books characters, and students really enjoyed seeing these creatures come to life through Mrs. Franks story. This is a great Christmas treat for your students to enjoy!” – Paige Wolf, Glen Loch Elementary School.

What Kids are saying! 

“Dear Mrs Franks- The Magic Gingerbread House was my favorite book I have ever read. Kirsten is my favorite elf. This year I am making a gingerbread house for the elfs. Love, Maeve”

“Dear Mrs. Franks- Thank you for letting us skype with you. I really enjoyed looking at the gingerbread house. I liked learning about your book. PS I loved your book. from Eli”

“Dear Mrs. Franks- I really liked your book. My favorite part of the book was when the elves turned on the music. I think it was very funny. From Nora”

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