A Christmas story that shares the spirit of generosity, family tradition, and everlasting memories.

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221 days until Christmas

Kids Love the Magic Gingerbread House

This Christmas, get away from the holiday hustle and read a magical story based on family tradition and the power of believing.

If you are looking for an engaging book that teaches kids meaningful values…if you want an experience full of magic and holiday fun…

. . . start a family tradition that will last for generations to come. . . The Magic Gingerbread House is the book for you.

About the Book

Elves work hard making toys, and they need a place to get away from Santa’s workshop and relax. . . elves need a vacation too! Two sisters, Meghan and Mollie, carefully create a beautiful gingerbread house. When the young girls discover a note, they are delighted to learn that five of Santa’s elves have begun to use it as a nightly retreat. After spending a night playing in this magical gingerbread house, the elves—Hans, Grietal, Kirsten, Franz, and Stefan—always leave words of encouragement, and even little gifts!

When the elves encourage the sisters to reach out to Sammy, a new girl at school, the three friends learn the wonderful value of believing in the magic of Christmas.

The elves help keep things exciting, but what’s going to happen on Christmas Day? Bring home this enjoyable story surrounding three young friends, their five adventurous elves, and the power of believing in the magic that is Christmas.

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The Magic Gingerbread House Helps Military Families Stay Connected

For Years The Magic Gingerbread House supported the nonprofit organization United Through Reading, offering service members the opportunity to read to their children through video recordings. Sammy, a character in the first book, is the daughter of two service members. Do you have a charitable opportunity The Magic Gingerbread House may be perfect for? Let us know!

What’s Happening Outside the Magic Gingerbread House?

The Magic Gingerbread House team is always on the move! Author PM Franks loves to visit schools, holiday markets, stores, and charity events with her family’s larger than life Gingerbread House, and Santa’s five favorite elves. Mrs. Franks enjoys discussing the value of family traditions, the magic of Christmas, and the process of publishing. In October 2018, our second book, The Magic Gingerbread House- Believe in the Magic was released. It addresses bullying in elementary shcool. It is a heart warming story that makes children think about how they treat people. Contact Us