The Magic Gingerbread House II, Believe In The Magic!

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The second addition of author PM Franks’ Children’s Christmas series sharing the spirit of generosity, family tradition, and everlasting memories!



When a new boy named Sebastian has trouble fitting in with his classmates, two sisters, Meghan and Mollie, along with five of Santa’s Elves, Kristen, Franz, Hans, Stefan, and Grietal  help Sebastian find his  forever lasting friends who instill his new found self-confidence.

Sabastian is being bullied at school but is too embarrassed to tell his parents.  When he makes his own gingerbread house, three of Santa’s elves come to live with Sabastian.  Communicating through notes, with Finn, Axel and Lottie , teach Sebastian to believe in himself.

2 reviews for The Magic Gingerbread House II, Believe In The Magic!

  1. Carolyn Swan

    It is a great second book following the first one. Adorable story of kids and elves helping a child with low self confidence. Loved it!!

  2. Laurie Dewitt

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    Such a sweet and well written book. A must have! Enjoyment for the whole family

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